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Aveneth is a continent on the world of Sefria, inhabited by a multitude of magical and nonmagical sentient beings. Some are ancient natives, like Dragons, humans, dwarfs or orcs, but others have immigrated from other continents over the centuries to enrich the diversity of Aveneth, like the Elves, Halflings, Dryads or Kobolds. These races interact based on one language: Aven (which replaces common). Although most races have their own language or know other languages, virtually every sentient being on Aveneth speaks Aven.


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The history of Aveneth is mainly shaped by one ancient race: The Dragons. They developed the first culture on Aveneth, including rudimentary communication and profound magical skills. The Dragons built their cities underground, using the vast cavern complexes that lie under Aveneth as the raw scheme for their adjustments.


Aveneth Main

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